Dear guests,

our goal is to offer you a seasonal selection of dishes and beverages – for lunch and dinner. We are best known for our freshwater fish, delicate tenderloin, savory host’s sausage plate. Enjoy our refined, upscale Bavarian and international cuisine.

For dinner, our menu entails an elegant four-course tasting menu, for example with veal carpaccio, sorrel soup, rare lamb loin or pike filet – not to mention decadent desserts.

At lunch, in addition to our regular menu you can choose between a variety of dishes, such as Bavarian meatballs, Austrian breaded fried chicken, homemade stews, light soups and creative vegetarian dishes.

Not to forget: Every day, we serve fresh Bavarian Weißwurst sausages with Händlmaier mustard and crispy Karnoll pretzels. Our Saturday lunchtime special of crispy roast pork shoulder with Bavarian sauerkraut and potato dumplings is particularly popular.

And: For your children, we always have tasty dish ideas as well.

We wish you Guten Appetit!

Here you can find a selection of our constantly changing menu. Our menu suggestions for groups and events can be found here: Events

Zum Alten Markt – Classics

Dear guests, this is a selection of our à la carte menu, but dishes and prices can change a little bit.

On top, we serve for lunch time some nice Bavarian home cooking food such as our “Meat Balls” and our Breaded Fried Chicken on potato salad, and many more.

And of cource we also serve seasonal food such as Asparagus, or special Mushrooms at the time, in fall we do some dishes of wild game, and finally for Christmas time we have Roasted Duck with Red Cabbage and Potato dumpling.


Corn Salad
with Brez’n Chips, Radish, Bavarian Cheese and french dressing
9,80 €

Fitness Bowl
with salad, sprouts, citrus fruits, nuts and raspberry dressing
9,80 €

Warm Mushroom and Leek Pie
with grilled ham, salad and sour cream
10,80 €

Grilled Goat Cheese
with walnut, grapes, salad and vinaigrette
11,80 €

Salmon Tatar
with green pepper, citron-olive oil marinade, salad and potato rösti
12,80 €

Veal Carpaccio
on rucola salad, olive oil and parmesan
10,80 €


Sorrel Soup
with salmon dumpling
6,80 €

Creamy Potato Soup
with grilled yellow mushrooms
6,80 €

Carrots-Orange Soup
with ginger
6,80 €


Stuffed Tortellini with Porcini Mushroom
with porcini coulis, zuccini, tomato and parmesan
small 11,80 € | large 17,80 €

Main Courses

Chicken Breast
in sesam seeds, with mango-chutney-sauce, zuccini and basmati rice
18,80 €

Slices of Veal Liver
with balsamico onion sauce, green beans and mashed potatoes
20,80 €

Pork Tenderloin Tips
with mushrooms in Bavaria Blu sauce with brokkoli and spätzle
21,80 €

Pink Ox (Roastbeef)
in an onion-mustard crust on green beans and potato gratin
24,80 €


Fillet of Pike Perch
with butter crumbs on crayfish sauce, spinach and basmati rice
20,80 €

Fillet of Sea Char
in a potato crust with rosemary-tomato butter and grilled fennel
22,80 €

Grilled Prawns
with a mixture of yellow mushroom, spinach, garlic and potato gnocci
23,80 €

Bavarian Classics

Cold pink boiled
Cattle Maiserl (Roastbeef)
thinly sliced with pumpkin seed oil
small 11,80 € | large 17,80 €
home fried potatoes extra 3,50 €

Beef Soup
with Bavarian Tortellini
6,80 €

Main Course

Chef’s Plate
with fillet of pork, meatball, sausage and bacon, mustard with sauerkraut and potatoes
17,80 €

Mayor Piece (Boiled Beef)
with appe horseradish sauce, on cauliflower and potatoes
17,80 €

Sweet & Fruity

Grandma’s Semolina Cream
with rum biscuit and apricot
6,80 €

Warm Chocolate Cake
with walnut ice cream
7,80 €

Strawberry Parfait
with green pepper and berry ragout
6,80 €

Glazed Apple Pancake
with calvados and vanilla ice cream
8,50 €

White Coffee Mousse
with raspberry sauce
7,80 €

Dessert variation à la Alter Markt
9,80 €

Cheese Plate
with gressini, grapes and fig-mustard
12,80 €

Cold & Refreshing

Pear Sorbet
with Williams Brandy
5,80 €

Raspberry Sorbet
with Framoise Brandy
5,80 €

All information is subject to change.